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Book One - "Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide," by Gary L Benton

Book "Retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant and survivor expert Gary Benton has written the best outdoor guide for families - bar none, that I have read! 'Simple Survival - A Family Outdoors Guide' is more than a book - it is an outdoor resource bible that every family should have a copy of. This is one of those books that you should have in your camping bag along with the tent and other equipment. However, reading it at home before you go off on some outdoor adventure would be a great help when potential situations happen."

Bill McDonald - MWSA President

2005 Silver Medal Award for Reference & Guide Books!

Book Two - "Death Stalks the Rangers," by James J. Griffin

Book "James J. Griffin provides another exciting Western adventure in Death Stalks the Rangers, as new hero Sean Kennedy uses fast guns and fists, along with a keen intellect, to solve the mystery of a fellow Texas Ranger's murder. As always, Griffin gives the reader plenty of action, colorful characters, and a vivid sense of the Texas frontier."

James Reasoner,
Author of Texas Wind and numerous other novels.

"A thrilling ride through the Texas Hill Country. Each page takes you back to the days when the good guys always won, as it should be. I'd bet a hat on it!"

Sergeant Jim Huggins
Texas Ranger

Book Three - "Impending Disasters" by Gary L. Benton

From the Author: "I believe most weather forecasters and disaster response teams will tell us it is only a matter of time before we have more disasters, but the type of disaster will vary depending on your geographical location. Security professionals know it's just a matter of time before terrorists strike again, so doesn't being prepared just make sense?

This book covers most major disasters and how to stay safe if you decide to evacuate or stay. It has a section on prolong survival, which will assist keeping you alive after the natural disaster has done its damage. Many people die following natural disaters, from one mishap or another, but you can learn to survive. "

Gary L. Benton, SMSgt
USAF, Retired

Book Four - "Wrestling with Pigs," by Roy Frusha

BooksWhen a barge suddenly turns up at a remote and vacant dock over a weekend, the mystery starts, because no one knows where it came from. There are three different national flags on board by no crewmembers. When Louisiana State Police find it contains fifteen to twenty tons of marijuana ruined by seawater and oil, what remains of a very large shipment, the suspense builds. It's obvious to the police that one of the largest, if not the largest, shipment of marijuana in American history has taken place. Mac, the primary investigator, discovers that working with state and federal agencies is like running into a brick wall as he's turned away with each attempt to find who is behind the shipment.

It's Novel about Smugglers, Cops and Corruption on the Cajun Coast that is sure to keep you turning the pages.

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Book Five - "War Paint." By WR Benton

Soon to be a motion picture by MVP3 at


George Alwood III, is a spoiled and rich young man who heads west to become a mountain man in 1825. Taken under wing by two experienced old mountain men, George Alwood the third becomes Bear Killer the mountain man. After a short visit with Shoshoni Indians, Bear Killer finds himself with an unwanted wife and though he resist's, he eventually learns to love her. A cold and hard winter in the mountains brings him closer to his bride, as he learns to live as a mountain man, and just before spring she informs him a child will soon come. Content now, with a canvas shelter, campfire, dried meat, and soon to be family, Bear Killer reflects on his rich and pampered background. After his wife and unborn child are killed by white men, the young mountain man makes a promise to avenge their deaths and he's swept up into a deep sense of rage. He finds, however, the men he is searching for are hard men to pin down and even harder to kill.

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"War Paint is a blood-thirsty brutal book. It is an uniquely American part of darkness tale. It will disappoint those who seek the triumph of good over evil. Outstanding."

James Drury, "The Virginian"

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