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BookWe're a small company and that's good news for you! We can give you assistance when you need it, work closely with you - one on one, and you'll not be transfered from one person to another. The person answering the phone will have answers for you.

Gary, our owner, is a best selling eBook author on Amazon, with a number books in print (two he's printed using Dancing Fox Publishing) and a number completed on his hard drive. Gary writes under the pen name of W.R. Benton. He knows the writing business and works closely with our printer to assure you of a quality product when your book is completed. We're proud of our books, both the text layout as well as our covers, which are included at no cost to your customers.

Our Values
You can be assured of a qualitiy book, because we'll not print it until it's ready to be printed, which often means additionally proofing and editing is required by the author. We want all books with our Dancing Fox Logo on the cover to be the best in the self-publishing category.
Customer Service
Read When you need us, we're here to assist. You'll find us open from 8 am until 5 pm, Monday throught Saturday, and often we're available after hours. For after hours phone contacts, email us first.
Award Winning Writers
Read Gary Benton is an award winning author for his book, "Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide," in 2005. He was a silver medal winner from the Military Writers Association of America.
Global Reach
Read When we promote your book, you'll be listed on such online sites as Amazon, Boooks a Million, and other online bookstores. Our goal is to get your book where it can be seen by English readers from around the world.
Print We do limited editing and suggest you hire a professional editor to edit your manuscript. We do not charge a reading fee, which we feel would be wrong, because reading takes but a little time. Generally, we can tell in just a couple of pages if your book is of interest to others.
Our Commitment
We are committed to producing a book you'll be proud to hold in your hands, show family, as well as friends. We want not just the cover, but the text to be attractive, properly spaced and sharp looking. It is our desire that you feel, after seeing your book, that you got much more than you paid for.