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Many authors self-publish at first, to get their foot in the door and some have done very well. If you're looking for a quick way to get your book out, then consider self publishing. Conventional publishing can take well over a year before a book is finally printed, but depending on the amount of editing required, you can have a self published book out in a couple of months or less.

At Dancing Fox Publishing we service our authors on a contractual basis and a contract is available for viewing, just contact us . We require a brief outline, synopsis of the manuscript (MS), plus the first three chapters of the book, preferab ly the first three, but at least the first chapter and then any other two continuous chapters. This is to allow us to see how well you transition from one chapter to another. Do Not send the complete manuscript, unless requested.

We suggest you proof your manuscript at least four times and have someone not related to you read it as well. Family will tell you what you want to hear, because they love you, but a good honest reader will tell you what you NEED to hear.

You'll be able to send us your manuscript, if we show an interest, via email or US Postal Service, DVD/CD or email attachment. We like using email, as it saves a tree.

Make sure your manuscript is formatted correctly, or we'll not even read it. Check our submissions page for proper format.

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Step 1
Complete your manuscript and it must be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, and of at least 100 pages (double spaced). Contact us, give us information about your manuscript, and if we show an interest, send it to us.
Step 2
Your manuscript may be mailed to us, either in paper form or on a CD/DVD, or by email. We like using email, so try to use this method. DO not send the complete manuscript unless we ask for it.
Step 3
We will look over your manscript closely, to get a feel of your writing style and to see how well it's been edited. If you do not "hook us" within a page or two, you've a major problem on your hands. Your book must be interesting to us, or others will not buy it.
Step 4
If we enjoy your writing, we'll send you a contract to publish and print your book. You must have legal right to publish the work, be the owner of the work, and it must contain original content. YOU, as the writer, are responsible for any copyright violations in your printed and finished book.
Step 5
We will work with you closely while the manuscript is turned into a book. Much more goes into a finished book than just printing. It is likely you'll edit and proof the book over 5 times, due to small text errors or other related problems. While you're working on the text, we'll start the layout and design of a quality book cover, which is included with your publishing fee. It will be a full color cover, unless you have other ideas.
Step 6
As the book text and cover are completed, they'll be sent to you for approval. Once approved, payment for your book is due and it will not be printed until payment in full has been made. As the author you will get 1 free book and a standard 30% discount on any and all books ordered in the future. Your book will have a bar code on the back and an ISBN assigned, so anyone may order it from any bookstore.
Let Dancing Fox Publishing print your book for you. Imagine the excitement of holding your book in your own hands, and then sharing it with family and friends. Most people never start a book and very few finish a manucript, but do you have a good story to share? Contact us!