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Death Stalks the Rangers

Death Stalks the Rangers

By James J. Griffin

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Book Size: 5 X 8 Inches *

ISBN: 978-0-9830429-1-4


167 Pages



When Texas Ranger Thad Dutton's horse brings his body back to his Ranger Company's headquarters, young Ranger Sean Kennedy is ordered to find Dutton's killer. Along with his partner, Levi Mallory, Kennedy sets out on a quest which will cover much of south Texas. A quest which will lead the pair into a web of danger and deceit, where sudden death might arrive from the most unexpected quarters.

Sean had covered about seven blocks before his lawman's instinct warned him of trouble. He stopped and turned, peering into the darkness of the unlit street.

A voice called from a side alley. "Hey, Ranger! Remember me?"

Sean's right hand dropped to the butt of his Colt.

"Keep your hand away from that gun, Ranger, the voice warned. There's four pistols aimed smack at your belly right now. Unless you want your guts filled with lead, just unbuckle your gun belt and let it drop."

Knowing to grab for his six gun meant instant death, Sean complied. Carefully, he loosened his gun belt and let it fall at his feet.

"That's more like it. The owner of the voice stepped from the alley, followed by his three companions. Gut-shootin' you would give me real pleasure, but even that's too easy a way for you to die. Me and my pards are gonna take you apart with our bare hands."

Endorsements of James Griffin

"James J. Griffin provides another exciting Western adventure in Death Stalks the Rangers, as new hero Sean Kennedy uses fast guns and fists, along with a keen intellect, to solve the mystery of a fellow Texas Ranger's murder. As always, Griffin gives the reader plenty of action, colorful characters, and a vivid sense of the Texas frontier."

James Reasoner,
Author of Texas Wind and numerous other novels.

"A thrilling ride through the Texas Hill Country. Each page takes you back to the days when the good guys always won, as it should be. I'd bet a hat on it!"

Sergeant Jim Huggins
Texas Ranger
Company A.

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