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Do you want to see your manuscript as a book?

It's a magical feeling to hold a book you've written in your hands and feel the immmense sense of pride of authorship! Many people start a book, few ever complete one, and even fewer ever get printed. Unless you get lucky or have exceptional writing talent, the odds are your manuscipt to set on a shelf for years before it's published, if ever. Did you know that many well known authors self published when first starting? It's a quick way to get your book in print and in front of the public, and who knows where your book may end up.

If you desire to self publish, we do that and our prices are much lower than most. Self publishing is generally faster, so if you're in a rush to get your book out for a special event or holiday, it may be the best way to hold your book in your hands when you want. However, we do not do extensive editing or proofing, so if you intend to self publish, make sure your book is really ready to be in print. Our publishing services are professional, fast, and our quality is hard to beat. We offer low prices because we work out of our home, so our expenses are lower than traditional publishers with a storefront.

We are a self publishing service for those of you who want to go that route. To learn more, click here. Our self-published books are produced quickly, we get a one time flat fee, and no royalties from your book from then on, unless you list your book on our site store or we do your book promotion. With our book promotion, which is free for our authors, you'll be listed in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online bookstores. However, promotion is optional and not required.

We're Mississippi book publishers that do book publishing. There are many Mississippi publishers and publishing companies online, but we're a small Mississippi publisher that is new as a book publisher and have decided to keep our efforts small at first. We only accept quality work. Reading your book and publishing your book are too different subjects, but we do not charge a reading fee. If you are you interested in self publishing, click here

Gary, our owner, is a best selling eBook author on Amazon, writing under the pan name of W.R. Benton. So, that means he knows a bit about writing books.

So, you want to publish a book? (Customer Testimonial)

"So you want to publish a book? Be ready for frustrations and problems. It's "Catch-22" of sorts. Major publishers will not accept new authors without agents, and good agents are not taking new clients. Mainstream publishing is archaic and slow, up to two years, that is if they accept your manuscript. I felt almost victimized by the industry. I did not know proper formatting, PDF, copyrighting, ISBN numbers, how to obtain a web site or design a cover. Then I found Dancing Fox Publishing and contacted Gary Benton. I learned that Gary was retired military, and had experienced many of the same problems, but had overcome them. Gary patiently guided me through the process, always told the truth about expectations, and got my book published. I've sold over a thousand at book signings, and Amazon and Kindle sales are steady. It would not have happened without Dancing Fox."

Captain Roy Frusha, Louisiana State Police, ret.

Submissions are CLOSED.

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About Our Service

What manuscripts will we accept?

We will not publish just any manuscript you submit. Your work must be of interest to readers, have a potential market, and be well edited. The work quality must stand alone, regardless who you are, and be well organized. It must be of at least 50 pages (when single spaced), must be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font, font size 12, and have your name, address, and other contact information on the first page. Ideal word count is between 80,000 and 95,000 words.

We do not offer extensive editing services, so if editing is an issue, locate a professional editor online to work on your manuscript. Please, double check the spelling of the whole manuscript and send us only your best.

At Dancing Fox Publishing we service our authors on a contractual basis and a contract is available for viewing, just contact us. We require a brief outline, synopsis of the manuscript (MS), plus the first three chapters of the book, preferably the first three, but at least the first chapter and then any other two continuous chapters. This is to allow us to see how well you transition from one chapter to another. Do Not send the complete manuscript, unless requested. We are a Mississippi Book Publishing Company.

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Submissions are CLOSED.